Full Moon Ride – March


6 Responses to Full Moon Ride – March

  1. Cate says:

    Just want to say how entertaining last night’s Full Moon Ride was! Apart from the sense of mischief – like kids sneaking out into the park! – it was amazing to ride through the natural environment on such a night. So quiet and peaceful, but delightfully spooky too, with all the long black shadows and the mysterious noises. And who knew that white horses glow in the dark?!

    Can’t wait for next month – let’s hope the Emirates Road isn’t closed this time and everyone can get there!


  2. Meghan says:

    i was so disappointed that i couldnt make it 😦 was stuck in traffic on the dreaded emirates road for 3 hours but i already have next months full moon hack in my diary 🙂

  3. alina balafa says:

    Interested for any such event. Also I m interested in joining the 28th April event. Please provide more info. thanks.

  4. MEC says:

    Hi Alina

    The Full Moon Ride starts around 8.30pm and costs 300 dirhams for 90 minutes. All levels of rider welcome, although it probably isn’t suitable for somebody who’s never ridden at all before.

    But if you want to read more about the ride itself, click on the first link under MEC In The News [right hand side of homepage] – Nyree Barrett from Time Out Dubai came along on the last one and she talks about what it was like as an experience.

    We look forward to seeing you by moonlight on Wednesday!


  5. Gary says:


    Do you know the dates for the Full Moon rides later in the year – namely October and November?



  6. MEC says:

    Hi Gary,

    Many thanks for your interest. The dates are

    July 26
    August 24
    Sept 23
    Oct 23
    Nov 21
    Dec 21

    Kind regards

    Lisa Matthews

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