DIARY DATE: Full Moon Ride – 20 March

Due to Saturdays currently being very busy at the stables, March’s Full Moon Ride will take place on Sunday 20 March. Don’t worry, there’ll still be enough moonlight to go around…

Time: Please arrive at 7.30 for a prompt 8pm start

Prices: Dhs300 (90 mins) Ring now to book!


3 Responses to DIARY DATE: Full Moon Ride – 20 March

  1. Lauren and Dan says:

    We so enjoyed our February Full Moon ride. Your facilities are top-notch and your guides excellent! I rode Bonnie, a very fine young mare. My husband just loved Wafi. He was unused to riding with two hands on the reins, but Wafi was happy to be “neck reined”. I would ask for Bonnie over and over — she was a delight! This was our first time riding English, and it was not as intimidating as we thought, In fact, I had a very comfortable canter on Bonnie which was more comfortable than a lope in my Western saddle back home on my American Quarterhorse mare Belle! Sadly,we have been transferred back to the U.S. If only I’d come and visited you sooner!

  2. MEC says:

    Thanks Lauren and Dan – it’s always encouraging to get positive feedback, and especially welcome that you thought to check back in with us once you got home to your own horses in the USA.

    Glad that you enjoyed ‘the full English’ experience by moonlight, and that Wafi and Bonnie earned themselves glowing reviews. Please come back and see us anytime you’re in Dubai – the park is just as much fun by daylight!

    Best wishes

    All at MEC

  3. Haley says:

    The full moon ride is intriguing me and would so love to know when the next date is set! I looked online and the next full moon is June 15th will there be a session schelduled on that day? Thank you.

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