NEWS: May Gymkhana round-up

Congratulations to Meghan and Just In Time, the newly-crowned Gymkhana Queens! In revenge for the loss in February, the hot favourite raced to victory as expected, beating Amalie and Sultan in the final.

Big pats on the back for all the competitors, horses included, while thanks go to Lisa and her team of staff and willing volunteers for putting on another cracking event. Even the grooms got to join in the entertainment with their ‘surprise’ race and subsequent stampede, described by one official as “the fastest, maddest thing I’ve ever seen in that arena”. All in all, a good afternoon! [Photos now online!]


Group winners:

Meghan and Just In Time [Champion]

Amalie and Sultan [Runner-up]

Balqis and Naseef

Billie and Luca

Eve and Raad

Grooms’ Race:

Ahmed and Hercules


2 Responses to NEWS: May Gymkhana round-up

  1. Lauren says:

    Congratulations, Meghan! Wish I’d been around to see it. I’m back in Wyoming with my horses for the summer before joining my husbnad in his new post in Pennsylvania in the fall. Say hi to everyone at Essentials for me!

    • meghan says:

      hi lauren, glad to hear your settled back home now with your horses. Had a fab afternoon at the gymkhana and was made even better by winning 🙂 will say hello to all the girls for you and let me see some photos of your horses 🙂 x

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