SUMMER SALE PART 2 – Desert Rides

sunMEC are offering Summer Desert Ride packages!

1 hour ride: Dhs180

Bronze package: 7 rides – Dhs 1150

Silver Package: 12 rides – Dhs 1850

Gold Package: 16 rides – Dhs 2300

PLEASE NOTE: All rides are 1 hour long only and the offer is valid for rides taken between June 1 and September 30 on packages booked in advance


2 Responses to SUMMER SALE PART 2 – Desert Rides

  1. Nadia Abdulrazzaq Majjan says:

    Dear MEC,

    Kindly provide us the price list for winter 2013/2014 and do you accept kids from 8 years old they are new to Horse riding and i want to book for them for training,

    please provide us with full information about the timing and fees

    thank you
    Nadia Majjan

  2. MEC says:

    Hi Nadia

    We have now updated our price lists and opening times for 2013/2014

    And yes, we accept children from aged 6 and up. Please call the office on 04-257 1256 to book in for lessons – happy riding!



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